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Serve bofor selling:

Offer and build the factory feasibility analysis,Bulid to the manufacturer case,Factory buildingisfixed up and designed and planned.

Offer the technology of series of equipment,performance,price is consulted.

Offer country’s spring standard of brick of groundto various kinds of walls,The standard and country’sspring policy(The file is for reference).   

After-sale service:

The technical support of the routine

Train the technical staff of productionand scene to guide production for you

Help to offer and produce products fillinga prescription and production technology

Responsible for the trouble clearing of heequipment and maintenance service

Fujian Lianda Shizheng
Machine Co., Ltd

High quality hydraulic brick machine, static brick machine, automatic hydraulic forming machine, automatic permeable brick forming machine, automatic block forming machine, automatic high imitation granite wet water mill hydraulic forming machine