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In-depth understanding of static brick machine

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Static brick machine has a variety of functions, can produce a variety of: bread bricks are also called Dutch brick, road brick, grass brick, slope protection brick, permeable brick, curved wave brick, Spanish square, hexagonal brick, maple brick, diamond brick, Eight-character turf brick, double-eight-grained grass bricks and roadside stone, static pressing brick machine only need to change the mold, which can realize multi-purpose of one machine and save investment cost. The bricks produced by Henan hydraulic static brick machine have high strength and no cracks, low shrinkage and high product quality. The waste brick powder and other waste materials can be used to produce various paving bricks and permeable water. Bricks, municipal bricks.
Note: This machine belongs to environmentally friendly products: the state restricts the production and use of clay bricks, and the new type of burnt-free bricks is a new type of building materials strongly supported by the state. It has an in-depth understanding of environmental protection and energy saving, low cost, low investment, and local materials.
Static pressure brick machine uses a variety of varieties, the replacement of mold can be used to make standard bricks, blind hole bricks and other special-shaped products. Different die and hollow bricks can be pressed by changing different molds. The machine does not need a pallet, and the brick can be directly smashed. This alone can save a lot of investment. High strength and good stability. The hydraulic station system uses a unique cooling system to make the oil temperature not easy to rise. The oil circuit has been redesigned with a fast system to make the operation more worry-free and save more labor resources.

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