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What are the safety technologies for hydraulic brick machines?

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What are the safety technologies for hydraulic brick machines? As a name suggests, “brick machines” are mechanical equipment for producing bricks. Generally, stone powder, fly ash, slag, slag, gravel, sand, water, etc. are used as raw materials. Efficient use of fly ash, slag, stone powder, desulfurized ash, slag, coal gangue, phosphogypsum
1. All protective covers and floor covers must be installed when the machine is running.
2. Check the grounding wire of the electrical part to avoid leakage and short circuit.
3. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of the motor to avoid accidents.
4. If the machine is found to be abnormal, stop it immediately and check it out.
5. When the brick machine is not started, the feeding mechanism is not allowed to be opened, so as to avoid the phenomenon of damage to the blank due to overload.

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