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How to deal with the rainy season

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When it comes to rain and snow, we suddenly think of the measures we should take to maintain the brick-and-burner equipment we use in the winter rain and snow. If it does not strengthen the maintenance of the brick-free machine , the opportunity to avoid burnt bricks is not durable. The direct result is to shorten the life of the brick-free machine, and then the production of the brick-free machine is affected. How can the brick-free machine deal with rainy days?
1. It is possible to brush a layer of oil on the main body of the brick-free machine to prevent the machine from rusting and to use the tarpaulin to conceal the equipment.
2. When the brick-free machine stops working, all the motors on the brick machine door should be taken apart and placed in a boring place to avoid being wet and affected.
3. The reducer of the brick-free machine should be covered with a tarpaulin to prevent the rain from entering the reducer and causing the machine to rust.
4. The hydraulic pumping station of the non-burning brick machine needs to be covered with anti-clothing water to prevent rainwater from dripping into the oil system.
5. It is necessary to apply a layer of paint to the mold of the brick-free machine. The mold will be removed and placed in a dry place for safekeeping.

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