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Three ministries and commissions started pilot work on financial support for sponge city construction

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According to the website of the Ministry of Finance on the 2nd, according to the Notice of the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance and Urban Development of the Ministry of Finance on the Pilot Work of the Central Government to Support the Construction of Sponge City (Cai Jian [2014] No. 838), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and the Ministry of Water Resources decided Piloting the 2016 central financial support for the construction of sponge cities. 2016 Sponge City Construction Pilot City Application Guide
First, the pilot selection process
(1) Provincial level recommendation. In 2016, all provinces (including Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) can recommend one city to participate in nationwide competition (single cities can be declared separately), and the provinces where the first batch of pilot cities are located are not included in the scope of this declaration. The provincial finance, housing urban and rural construction, and water conservancy departments will submit application documents (scanned parts) and sponge city construction pilot implementation plan (electronic version) to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Water Resources through the information platform before April 10, 2016. . Each reporting city should attach great importance to the implementation of the implementation plan and do a good job. For the reporting cities that communicate with the relevant departments in advance and destroy the competition mechanism before the scope of the pilot is determined, deduct points will be treated in the review process.
(2) Qualification review. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Water Resources will conduct qualification examinations for the recommended cities and promptly announce the list of cities that have passed the qualification review.
(3) Competitive review. For cities that have passed the qualification review, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Water Resources will organize public defense in a timely manner, and experts will conduct on-site assessments and publish the results of the review on the spot.
Second, the review content
(1) Qualification review.
Recommended cities in each province must meet the following conditions:
1. The Municipal People's Government established a working leading group.
2. In accordance with the “Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Construction of Sponge Cities” (Guo Ban Fa [2015] No. 75), prepare a special plan for the construction of sponge cities.
3. The pilot area will be contiguous (including a certain proportion of the old city), and not less than 15 square kilometers, with an average annual rainfall of not less than 400 mm.
4. At least one catchment area in the urban built-up area meets the overall requirements for the construction of the sponge city; preliminary results have been achieved in terms of “small rain does not accumulate water, heavy rain does not linger, water body is not black and smelly, and heat island is relieved”.
5. The preparatory work for the project is adequate and progressing well.
6. This batch of pilots is appropriately tilted to cities with better work bases.
(2) Competitive review.
1. Work objectives.
(1) The special plan for sponge city construction has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Document No. [2015] No. 75 of the State Council, implementing the new urbanization strategy and the relevant requirements of the water security strategy, and realizing the urban development mode of natural accumulation, natural infiltration and natural purification; The objectives of the regional implementation plan are in line with the specific planning objectives of the sponge city construction, which is in line with local realities and highlights.
(2) The planning objectives are clear. By 2020, more than 20% of the urban built-up area will meet the target requirements; by 2030, more than 80% of the urban built-up area will meet the target requirements.
2. Technical measures.
(1) According to the work objectives, make overall plans, overall layout, and comprehensive policies, and scientifically determine the technical route of “source reduction, process control, and system governance”;
(2) Scientifically selecting technical measures according to local conditions, and making overall use of natural ecological functions and engineering measures, with systemic, holistic and complete functions;
(3) Economically rationally arrange construction tasks and construction projects.
3. Construction and operation mode.
(1) Proposed clear construction and operation mode is conducive to the efficient management of the whole life cycle of the construction, operation and maintenance of the sponge city project. There are clear fund raising channels and effective fund integration programs, and after sufficient economic feasibility demonstration; actively adopting innovative technologies such as technology + capital and overall packaging that can be replicated and promoted to ensure efficient operation of the project.
(2) The rights and obligations of all parties are clearly defined, and the incentive and restraint mechanism can ensure the orderly advancement of construction and construction, and the operational management is implemented efficiently.
4. PPP program.
(1) Defining the proportion of investment in PPP mode operation projects in the pilot work, the proportion of total investment in the pilot work, and the proportion of these projects to the total workload of the pilot work (calculated by the area of ​​the built-up area).
(2) Clarify the basis of PPP implementation, including whether to attract construction parties to participate in cooperation, etc.; propose a reasonable government and social capital cooperation (PPP) program, clarify the resource integration and packaging plan, and comply with the relevant system norms of the Ministry of Finance PPP work.
5. Supporting measures.
(1) Establish a reasonable government procurement service or financial subsidy program in the sponge city area, and clarify the government expenditure standards.
(2) Formulate regional rainwater discharge management system, urban blue line management system and river and lake water system protection and management system; incorporate sponge city construction requirements into “two certificates and one book”, construction drawing review, start permit, completion acceptance and other urban planning and construction Control and control links; relevant standards, standards and technical guidelines for sponge city construction have been issued.
(3) Establish an effective urban flood control and rainstorm monitoring and early warning system, and have a relatively sound urban flood control and drainage flood control emergency management system, emergency mechanism and emergency plan.
Third, the implementation of the program
The implementation plan should be based on the requirements of the State Council issued [2015] No. 75 document and the local sponge city construction special plan, highlighting the requirements of “adapted to local conditions, problem-oriented, clear-cut, and innovative models”. The implementation period is 2016-2018. The implementation plan should include the following:
(1) Basic information. Including the urban ecological background, the status quo of the city, the location of the pilot area, and the basis for delineation.
(2) Conducting a feasibility analysis of the construction of a sponge city. From the perspectives of urban water resources utilization and protection, water ecological restoration, water environment management, water disaster prevention, water culture construction, etc., we will coordinate the current urban rainwater resource utilization, water body black and odor treatment, internal control, flood control, etc. The main problem, with the goal-oriented, problem-oriented analysis needs, combined with the current work basis, put forward the expected results of sponge city construction.
(3) Sponge City Construction Plan. It includes the decomposition of the overall target, the calculation basis of specific indicators, the overall layout, economically rational technical routes and measures, construction tasks and investment estimates, and project schedules.
(4) Construction and operation mode. Choose the mode of construction and operation, and adopt the innovative methods of “technology + capital” and general contracting to coordinate the organization and implementation of the overall efficiency. Construction fund raising plan and project budget arrangement, specific PPP plan. All parties' rights distribution and risk sharing mechanism, and the guarantee mechanism for efficient operation.
(5) Safeguard measures. Including organizational leadership, working mechanism, policy system, operation management, capital security, and capacity building.
After finalizing the cities included in the pilot scope, the urban people's government shall approve the implementation plan, report the approval documents and approval implementation plans to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Water Resources for the record, and copy to the provincial finance, housing urban and rural construction, and water conservancy departments. And publicized through the government portal website in accordance with the relevant provisions on information disclosure.

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