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Lianda Machinery wishes Happy Queen's Day

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Chairman Mao said that there are two things in the world that are the hardest:
The first is to put your own thoughts into the heads of others;
The second is to put other people's money into their pockets.
The former succeeded in calling the teacher, and the latter succeeded in calling the boss. Both of them succeeded in calling their wives.
The "March 8" festival is coming soon, and the warm reminder: home and everything.
I don’t want to learn to fight with the teacher. I don’t want to mix with the boss. I don’t want to live with my wife.
At the same time, please remember that women can't just provoke:
Mao Zedong provoked Jiang Qing and was almost seized of power;
Bo Xilai annoyed Gu Kailai and was put down in jail;
Qin Shihuang provoked Meng Jiangnv, and the newly built Great Wall was crying;
Cao Cao provoked Xiao Qiao, and the Chibi wooden boat was burned out by fire;
Li Shimin provoked Wu Mei Niang and Jiang Shan was taken away;
Xianfeng provoked Cixi and the Qing Dynasty perished;
Huang Shiren provoked the white-haired girl, and the result was defeated as a bully...
So respect the women around you. Don't mess with her!
Dry and dry, be careful of her troubles.

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